Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Vegetarian from Outer Space

About six months ago my wife stumbled upon the "Best Speech You Will Ever Hear", which is an hour long monologue by vegan activist Gary Yourofsky, describing how and why he became a vegan, and why you and everyone else should join him. It is a surprisingly effective talk and my wife, like many others, was deeply affected by it; after watching it myself, so was I.

For many years I had acknowledged the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle but never gave up neither meat nor milk or eggs, and I most certainly never considered the effect of my eating habits upon the animals involved. This is most surprising since I spent two full years growing poultry and personally participated in the violence perpetrated against these animals. Much of what Gary said in this matter resonated very deeply with me. I feel that what he says is true - in order to grow animals industrially you must become very hardened to their suffering and view them as non-living objects, pieces of plastic to be manipulated at will. Somehow, Gary brought me back to a place where I realized that animals have feelings too.

My new story, "The Vegetarian from Outer Space", is a reflection upon our world from a vegan point of view. In order to do so, I used the science fiction genre (which I love) to flip the roles so that the hunters become hunted. You are welcome to download the story for free in any format and without DRM from my Smashwords page.
Update November 2014: I unpublished the story. You can read it here, along with the explanation.

Below is the "Best Speech You Will Ever Hear" for your viewing pleasure.

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