About Me
I grew up in the US and Israel, assimilating both cultures and languages. Currently I live in Jerusalem, Israel, and work as a translator, editor, and book reviewer, though I aim to become a full time writer, sooner rather than later...
Until I quite miraculously uncovered my passion for writing, I wandered in and out of an astounding variety of occupations, places, people, and identities, finally settling on translation and editing. From there the path to writing was not too winded. Zen, yoga, and Jungian psychology have been constant companions throughout my journey, as well as a loving spouse, and together they inform my writing both in form and in content, as do all my other varied life experiences.
My writing is concerned with the human condition, its problems and possibilities. In short, I write primarily about the other final frontier: Inner Space.

About the blog
This blog documents my journey as a writer and includes updates about new books, pre-launch specials or discounts, posts about the creative process, book reviews, and the occasional comment on life in Israel and life in general.The numerous posts about art, religion, faith, history, psychology, education, and relationships, reflect my concern with the state of humanity in general and Western civilization in particular.
You are welcome to read and share with others the posts and stories you find interesting. Comments are appreciated - I read and respond to them.

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