Captain Tofu and the Green Team

Captain Tofu and the Green Team is an upcoming vegan superhero novel. Inspired by the reactions of "normal" society to vegans, and in particular the recent surge of veganism in Israel, it describes the inevitable rise of veganism and the ensuing civil war. This is the book description:

In the year 2025 the vegan movement is poised to make its first major bid in national politics, but a hasty misstep by the vegan leadership plunges the country into a civil war. Carnivore Clay, arch fiend and head of TAMMPI, unleashes a vicious, premeditated campaign against America's vegans. His artificially produced creatures and the bloodthirsty mob terrorize the vegans, who become increasingly isolated and persecuted in their own country. Things look bad until Captain Tofu and his band of merry - and unusual - vegan super heroes step in to even the odds.
I consider this book my first contribution to vegan culture. It has some violent scenes (though not too graphic) some gross scenes (that's the 14 year-old in me), some romance and some humor, and is intended for adults and young adults who understand the issues at stake or are curious about them. Readers who enjoy a good story and enjoy new superheroes may be interested as well, although they should keep in mind that this is a blatantly pro-vegan book. The book will be available for purchase in about a month: Please follow me on the various social media or the blog itself to be notified of the release:

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The Pinterest Board: In the meantime, you can take a look at the book's Pinterest board, which visually documents the research that went into it.

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