The Ideal Society

"The Ideal Society" is a long-term, non-fiction project I'm working on. The book aims to describe how concerned people can make this world a better place with the knowledge and tools that we have today. In a way, the book is reflection of my own personal journey of self-repair and a summary of my life-long effort to make sense of this world (yes, it does make sense!).
As I see it now, the book will have three parts: The first will lay the theoretical, psychological basis for the entire book. The second will use that basis to discern elements from different cultures that may constitute the building blocks of a new, ideal, society. The third part will describe how that society looks and will offer ideas about how to get there. I have been posting the various chapters on this site as I finish writing them, and will continue to write and post as time permits. Below is a list of finished chapters, as of this writing (October 28, 2014):

Updated December 2015: This project has been suspended due to a complete lack of public interest.

Part 1: A Basic Psychological Tool Kit For Everyone

Introduction to Part 1: A Basic Psychological Tool Kit For Everyone 

 Elementary Jungian Theory

Transactional Analysis: Introduction for the Layman and Analysis of Seinfeld's "The Opposite"

Part 2: The Ideal Society: Components and Criteria

 The Gifts of the Jews: Why Jews Are Loathed or Loved

The Meaning, Origins, and Evolution of the Jewish Concept of Tikkun Olam - Repairing the World

The Role of Christianity in the Promotion of Individualism

What The West Can Learn From Islamic Civilization

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